16 sweet & salty, weird & wonderful things in the USA

Published December 13th, 2019

So you want to rock your way around the USA? You’re going to want to reach the dizzying heights of the Top of The Rock in New York City, marvel at the momentous valleys of the Grand Canyon, hit up the street party vibes in New Orleans, and maybe even hike your way around a volcano in Hawaii… the list for fun & adventure in the US of A is just as long as it’s 19,000 plus roll-call of cities and towns.

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Might we also suggest you hit up some of the following delicious, curious and random things below? Go ahead and discover the wonderful things we've compiled for you!

Los Angeles

All that travel got your blood sugar levels dropping? LAX > Sweet-fix at these iconic LA destinations



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24-hour Sprinkles
Yup, for sheer novelty factor (and convenience, tbh)—LA gives you the cupcake ATM—you’re welcome!

Randy’s Donuts
The giant Randy’s Donuts stands out as an iconic beacon for Angelenos. Opened in 1953, today it’s going strong, serving donuts 24-hours a day and starring as a location in films. Drive-thru or walk on up.

Galco’s Soda Pop Stop
Love a good soft drink? Get your fizzy fix from over 500 flavours of soda at Galco’s. With weird and wonderful flavours from all over the world, pick out an old fashioned root beer or an all American huckleberry flavoured soda.

New York City

Feeling savoury? Here are four weird and wonderful savoury-ish treats to eat in NYC!



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Bee Sting Pizza, Robertas
Soppressata (Italian salami) meets honey on a pizza. This is a different kind of NY slice you don’t want to miss.

Pizza on Pizza
Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Williamsburg breaks the internet with its famous Pizza on Pizza™ slice, which is exactly as it sounds… pizza with mini slices of pizza on top.

Shackburger, Shakeshack
You can’t really go to America and not eat your fair share of burgs. Sure you can get ShakeShack in other locations around the world, but nothing beats visiting the original location in Madison Square Park. Go for the Shackburger with top-secret ShackSauce.

Spaghetti Doughnut
Head to Smorgasburg food market held each weekend in Williamsburg to bite into Pop Pasta’s genius spaghetti doughnut! Making pasta more portable!

San Francisco

Get curious in San Fran—there’s more than enough weird and wonderful things to do and see in this vibrant Californian city. Here’s three to add to your list.



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Paxton Gate
Here you’ll find a shop full of natural curiosities, filled with plants, crystals, ethically sourced taxidermy and so, so much more.

Conservatory of Flowers
Marvel at over 2000 plant varieties including tropical carnivorous plants, inside the largest original wood structure glass conservatory in the western hemisphere.

Secret Tiled Staircase
Find this colourful, artsy hidden staircase that just happens to lead to epic views atop of 16th Avenue. Look up 16th Avenue Tiled Steps for the exact location.

Las Vegas

Step in the past slash step into the void by taking a look around these quirky odes to Las Vegas’ past, plus a dose of hidden art from James Turrell.



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The Neon Boneyard
Ever wondered what happens to all the bright lights that get put out to pasture in Las Vegas? No? Yeah us neither. Well, at The Neon Boneyard you’ll find out. Take a tour after sunset and see some of these iconic neon signs from Las Vegas’ past.

Burlesque Hall of Fame
Appreciate a bit of sequin and tassel? Las Vegas was built on the magic of the stage show. Here you can be tantalised by the history of the tease through a tour of the risqué collection of costumes, props, photographs and more.

Akhob, By James Turrell
Located on the top floor of the Louis Vuitton store on Las Vegas Boulevard, make an appointment to step inside this immersive art installation by famous light artist James Turrell. Note: it’s free, but appointments fill up months in advance. For your best bet, book three months out.


Full of the unexpected, Miami surprises and delights with attractions far beyond its neon-lit nightclubs and white-sand beaches.



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Avocado wine
Come again? Yep, wine made from avocado. It’s a world first and it happened here in Miami. We can’t vouch whether it’s any good or not, but take a visit to Schnebly Redland’s Winery, America’s most southern winery, and you’ll see (and taste!) the magic of tropical fruits turned into wine!

A different kind of zoo
One where the humans are locked up instead (kinda!) Established in 1935 within a natural subtropical forest, Monkey Jungle is one-of-a-kind zoo where the animals can run wild while the humans observe from caged tunnels that run through the park.

Swim in the world’s largest freshwater pool
Head to the boujee Coral Garden neighbourhood to take a dip in Miami’s historic Venetian Pool. Filled with fresh spring water each day from an underground spring, aside from floating about in the sparkly water, there’s waterfalls and cave-like grottos to explore too.

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