6 European Destinations to add to your Euro Summer 2020 itinerary

Published October 3rd, 2019

Like to rise and shine? Early bird gets the worm style? Us too. We’re forever chasing those first light feels around the world. The best thing about Europe in the summer? It stays light for longer, so more chances to bask under the Mediterranean sun, catch the vibrant sunsets over ancient cities, and stay up late in places where the sun never goes down. Get in touch with us to chat about your next Euro trip!




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Here’s 6 unique Europe destinations you might not have heard of before, and you should definitely add to your Euro Summer 2020 plans!

Sail further on the Adriatic Sea

Croatia Sailing is hotter than a Roman woodfired pizza straight out of the oven right now, but have you heard of Zadar? Located north of Dubrovnik and Split, Zadar is known for its Roman and Venetian Old Town ruins, and the adjacent Dalmatian island of Dugi otok with it’s prehistoric caves and unique swimming holes dotted around the island.

Stay in a Chateau in Beaujolais

Prefer the luxe life? Get thee to the Contiki Chateau in French wine country. Enjoy their palatial mansion, private pool and wine tasting at the Chateau’s working winery! Plus, there’s a resident cat named Tiki. Cute.




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Introducing Europe’s fourth smallest country, Liechtenstein!

To be fair, Vatican City and Monaco kind of seem like they’re cheating at less than 2sq km in size. Liechtenstein goes a full 160sq km, after Italy’s microstate of San Marino at 61sq km. What does one do in Liechtenstein? Other than skip around saying its name ‘cause it sounds fun, you’re likely here to explore the Rhine Valley… it’s alpine location is well known for winter sports, but in the summer, you can tour it’s wine region instead!

Belgrade’s quirky party vibes

Sure Berlin goes off in the summer, but have you heard about Belgrade? Serbia’s capital has a unique nightlife drawcard: party-barges! Or ‘splav’ as the locals call them. When the sun goes down, the splav hopping begins! Find out why in Belgrade, every night is Friday night!

Ancient greece in Thessaloniki

Explore the capital of Greek Macedonia with its quirky vibe, wide open beaches, rich history and archaeological wonders in the port city of Thessaloniki. Hit up the traditional taverns, cafes and bars in the nightlife hotspot of Ladadika. Yasu!




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Bliss out on the beaches of Fethiye

There’s more to Turkey then the best shish kebab of your life. This amazing country that straddles east and west has captivating cities, fascinating history, unique cuisine and, not to be forgotten—amazing coastline with stunning beaches that rival the Greek Islands! In the southern coastal town of Fethiye, you’ll find piercingly blue waters where you can sail, dive into or paraglide over! No adventure to Turkey is complete without stepping on the shores of Oludeniz; one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

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