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How to become a travel vlogger according to HeyImNatalia

Published November 15th, 2017

If you had told 18-year-old Natalia that 23-year-old Natalia would be travelling around the world and getting PAID for it  - I would have laughed. The reality is though, that is exactly what 23-year-old me is doing.

The online space has changed so much over the last couple of years and new jobs that didn’t even exist 10 years ago are now making incredible figures online. Travel vlogging is one of these things. What is travel vlogging you ask? Travel vlogging is taking your camera on adventures and sharing your experiences through your perspective. People LOVE to live vicariously through what you’re doing and it inspires them to take the leap to start their own adventure

You’re probably wondering - how does one become a travel vlogger? How does one get paid to see the world? Is this even a thing that is possible? Yes – it is.

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What hardware to use

It all starts with a camera – something you can take with you that’s lightweight, portable and hopefully has some durability to it! Really you can use anything from your iPhone camera to more of a point and shoot (I personally recommend the Canon G7X) or even a DSLR. I started filming my original videos on a hot pink camcorder that didn’t have amazing quality but over the years have upgraded my equipment so that my videos come out in high definition and easy on the eyes! You don’t want videos that are coming out looking like they’ve been shot using a potato.


What editing software to use

No matter what you film on, you’ll also need some sort of editing platform. This is how you can clean up all the awkward pauses in between sentences, bloopers or you can even add in some music for an awesome travel montage! There are a bunch of different video editing apps you can download straight onto your phone to edit there or alternately you can dig a little deeper into your pockets and pick up a computer operated editing system. I currently use Final Cut Pro X to edit and I love the capabilities of it. It’s definitely not the most professional system in the world however you can generally get it to do what you want it to, with a little work!


Where to post videos

Third thing you’re going to need is a platform to post your videos on! I personally recommend YouTube as it’s incredibly user friendly, there’s a huge audience out there waiting to see your awesome videos and of course, you can monetise your work to make a little moolah. Having a platform with a viewership is an awesome lead in way to working with companies promotionally in the travel vlogging space. Companies are catching on that online video is the new media space and the place to be advertising so before you know it –you may find yourself travelling with these companies, whilst paid for your time, in return for your online promotion!


Where to travel

Lastly, you’re going to need a travel adventure! My most recent adventure was a massive 19 country, 5 continent around the world trip where I worked with multiple companies while on the road.

I’d been saving for my next big trip not knowing where I would be going next but found an amazing ticket with Universal Traveller that went Sydney > Auckland > Los Angeles > London > Abu Dhabi > Sydney and I booked it without a second thought.


How to collaborate with brands

Once I booked my ticket – it was time to get to work. I already had a portfolio of videos under my belt that was used as my “video resume. I used these videos as examples of what I can do when pitching to potential company collaborations for my trip. I also gave them the links to my social media accounts so that they could scroll through the selfies and ‘candid-not-candid’ photos on my Instagram to see what I could do! It wasn’t a fast process but within a couple of months, I had planned some collaborative work with a bunch of companies which would help fund my trip! Whether it was an all-expenses-paid tour / extra tour activities / free hotel nights – these opportunities helped me to keep travelling around the world!




Natalia (known as HeyImNatalia online) is an Australian YouTuber, Content Creator and Traveller who has ticked 23 countries off her bucket-list on her around the world adventures.