New Year, New You: 20 ways travel can change you in 2020

Published January 8th, 2020

How’s your 2020 travel mood board shaping up and how can our travel deals help you get inspired?

Picture this: waking up in the desert in Jordan, floating through the clouds on a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, or cycling your way through Georgia?

Sure, travel leads to endless insta photo ops and not-so-humble travel brags… but really, it can change and shape you as a person, for real.

This is your brain on travel:

1. Learn to live in the moment

When you’re travelling everything is about the now. Look at that epic mountain, bite into delicious foods, it’s all so visceral.

2. Step out of your comfort zone

Expect the unexpected. Travel is a chance to grow and step out of your regular day to day. Take a thrilling tuk tuk ride in Bangkok, ski down a mountain slope in Austria, or dive into a watehole in Greece.



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3.Experience different cultures

What makes travel? The culture. It’s a chance to meet new people and learn about ways of life completely different from your own.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff

It’s easy to get caught up in first-world problems—ugh—like, getting the wrong coffee order, or not being able to get a good car park. When you’re travelling, it's more about the big picture, and sometimes getting there is half the adventure.

5. Eat all the foods

This is a chance to expand your palate, learn about new spices and dishes. You’ll never forget that pho-nomenal bowl of pho in Vietnam, that perfectly buttery croissant in France or that life changing $1 streetside taco in Mexico.



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6. Recharges you

Holidays give you permission to switch off. Take a relaxing break to a yoga retreat in Bali or India and find some space to breathe a little deeper.

7. New animals!

Is your Insta feed full of weird and wonderful, cute and fluffy, strange and bug-eyed creatures? Scroll IRL to pat llamas in the Peru, creep on sloths in Costa Rica, swim with whale sharks in Mexico and spot a grizzly bear in British Columbia.



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8. New friends!

Forever have a place to stay in X, Y, Z…. What’s better than family? Friends in exotic locations!

9. Increased sense of self

Studies show people who live overseas have increased “self-concept clarity”—essentially, they understand themselves better than people who have never lived in a different country.

10. Stories to tell…

Remember that one time in Prague… yep, completely self serving, but our unofficial research confirms you’re 100% more interesting at a dinner party after you’ve travelled. FYI—just the limit your ‘I remember’ humble brags to one per occasion or you’ll stop being invited to dinner.



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11. Learn to go with the flow…

Sometimes your flight gets cancelled, you miss a train… (also, insurance FTW)

12. History

Learn about ancient civilizations and that’s seriously dope. Not to mention more gold dinner party fodder.

13. Learn to ‘read people’

Not like a psychic or anything (though, maybe!) but, you can become more intuitive to body language and communicating without a common language in countries you don’t speak the local dialect.



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14. Learn to ‘make it anywhere’

That the one constant in life is you and you make life work in any location.

15. Become more employable!

You know that hideous job interview question, “how did you overcome a challenge” —regale your future employers of that time you volunteered helping build homes in Cambodia, or, how your trek through the Himalayas strengthen your resolve as a human being! #lifeskills



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16. Happiness

Money only brings happiness to a certain point—experiences are worth more than material possessions.

17. Decrease depression

Looking forward to a holiday releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain's reward and pleasure centers. This helps explain why simply having a holiday on the horizon tends to make us happier.

18. Improve your personality!

(We’re sure it’s already awesome, but we all have room for improvement!) There's evidence that living overseas for even a short time can affect core personality traits, particularly our "openness to experience." People with high levels of openness tend to seek out new experiences, are more comfortable with the unfamiliar, and are more introspective than those lower end of the trait, who can be perceived as closed-minded.



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19. Become more confident

Travel is a real opportunity to learn about yourself, use it to grow and become more confident in your skin.

20. Never be ‘bored’ again

There is too much discover out there, from short getaways to another city in Australia, or epic round the world adventures…

Keen to chat your travel plans for 2020? Get in touch with us. We’re for real travel.

Rachel Surgeoner

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