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Say hello to Universal Traveller & Go Beyond in your travels

Published September 30th, 2019

You might have noticed things look a little different around here. We’ve got a new name and a new look—what do you think?

We’re still the same fun-loving brand, but we’ve grown up a little (well, kind of). You could say we’re less YOLO and more down to earth. We’ve taken our 20+ years of experience creating amazing trips for 18-30's and students and we’re going the distance with a fresh new face. We now go by Universal Traveller, and (just like before) we’re not just for students, we’re for travellers, especially those who want to Go Beyond.

Ready to Go Beyond with us? Our promise to you is to always have the widest range of exclusive Universal Traveller deals. From discounted Student Flights for under 30’s and student travellers, to the best tours and hotels on offer.

What does it mean to Go Beyond?

It’s about the curious wanderers. The ones who want better stories to tell. We’re here for those who need a backpack to take the weight off, or who simply need a dose of vitamin free. It’s standing in a crowd of strangers, on the other side of the world, to really find yourself. That moment when you truly understand that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

That’s what travel is to us, it’s about growing.

Growing further, travelling deeper and always staying curious. We’re here to help you Go Beyond—for all you travellers, who don’t want to be just another tourist—for those who want curated, unreal experiences that push the envelope and step outside of the postcard.

Our people are real travellers—name the most remote city you can think of and we will have someone who has been there, done that.

Here’s just 5 places our consultants have travelled to that you've (probably) never been to...

Josh Cranston – The Stans (Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan)

Why visit the Stans? It’s off the beaten track, it’s really exciting and the hospitality is quite different. If someone has travelled in South East Asia or around the Balkans in Europe, they’ve got a bit of a taste for something different and really want to challenge themselves and try something new.

Hannah Fortune – Russia

It’s a big call—but Russia is my favourite country now! And, it wasn’t somewhere that had even been close to the top of my travel list, but I had a client come in store to book a trip there and ended up becoming super intrigued. It’s a very mysterious country. Everything feels very hidden (mostly due to it’s Communist and Soviet background). I spoke to lots of people there about Russia’s history which was super fascinating.

Sophie Whiteing – Colombia

My trip to Central America really brought out a love for adventure and hiking. It wasn’t like Europe or the States, it’s more rugged. I really loved Colombia—such beautiful coastline, amazing rainforest and unique inland towns.

Lauren Perry – Australia

There’s so much nature here in our backyard. One of the best trips I've ever done was Uluru to Adelaide. I did a week-long trip with Intrepid and it was insane, I didn’t realise how much beautiful country there is in between those two cities.

Jed Buencillo – Faroe Islands

Found nestled between Iceland and Norway—I don’t know anyone else who’s been and I always wanted to go because no one really knows about them. The best way I can describe it is ‘Europe's best kept secret’.

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We’re here for you.

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