Published March 17th, 2020

With so much Coronavirus news out there, we want to send a gentle reminder to stay safe, stay informed, and stay kind to your community.

Hey, if you’re not going on that holiday — we get it, it sucks — but it’s literally no one’s fault, and you can choose to make good with your time at home instead.

Spread good vibes, not germs

  • Wash Your Lyrics — 20 seconds is actually a bit longer than you might think when it comes to properly washing your hands. Download your fave song and put it up in the bathroom



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  • Call your grandparents — check how they’re doing
  • Cancel your Tinder date — stay flirty online but maybe postpone meeting up IRL for now
  • Use your social media for good — post helpful messages and help keep spirits high




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  • Help out a neighbour — do you know any elderly or unwell neighbours who might need help getting supplies?
  • Double the recipe — if you’re making a batch of your favourite dinner, make extra and deliver to a friend who is self-quarantining. What would YiaYia Next Door do?




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  • Buy a voucher or gift card from your fave local restaurants and small businesses — there’s often not a work-from-home option for them, but you can bank ahead for when things are back to normal
  • Please, don’t avoid Asian restaurants — this one doesn’t need any explaining, come on people! Get your fave Asian takeaway tonight!
  • Donate to your local foodbank — look, if you happened to get a little overexcited in the pasta aisle last week, or maybe you don’t need all those tinned Baked Beans, consider dropping off a box to the Food Bank in your state, or even making a small donation (anything over $2 is tax-deductible) to help those who are doing it tougher than you




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Big holiday plans for 2020 on hold or cancelled? Don’t despair!

Here’s advice from UTrav Travel Consultant, Nick Roelofs (WA)

“This is an ever-changing situation! We don't know how long it will last — but if you can postpone, do it — because travel demand is going to surge exponentially, and then you'll already have that dream trip rebooked! Worst case scenario, if you get close to your rebooked travel dates and you're still concerned about travelling, our team will be here to help again!”



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Note: Due to the disruptions, our team is experiencing high call volumes, we understand that this situation is distressing, but our amazing team will get back to you as soon as they can. Thank you for your continued patience.

Remember: Exercise caution and practise social distancing when out and about — but also consider how you can help others, even if it’s something small.

<3 Sending virtual hugs, fist bumps & general good vibes to our fellow non-for-now-travellers <3

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