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Universal Traveller does Busabout Ultra

Published November 2nd, 2018

We chatted to fun-loving Universal Traveller consultant Lauren Goodwin to get the inside story on Busabout Ultra + Sail Croatia. Lauren sailed the seas, basked in the sun and partied with the best of them at Ultra—and she lived to tell the tale! Just kidding. It’s not that 10 days of sailing, exploring and partying is dangerous, it’s just not for the faint-hearted.

Here’s the low down on Busabout Ultra from our agent in the know.

Talk about an introduction, Busabout Ultra Sail Croatia was Lauren’s first ever trip to Europe! Travelling solo, Lauren was a little nervous, but the best part of her trip ending up being the amazing crew of friends she made along the way.

“I loved that by the end of the sail and before the Ultra festival I’d made a massive group of friends to go to the festival with. And it’s not just your boat—you’ll meet heaps of people doing the same trip—I really liked how easy it was to make friends.”

SF: What did you wish you knew before going?
LG: If I did it again, I’d go the premium boat option—the cruiser. My boat [the mid-range option] was still awesome—it had a great atmosphere and the music was always pumping, but I’m a bit of princess!

SF: What was the best thing about the trip?

LG: My favourite thing was how easy everything was, for example, each day we got a little run down and walking tour of where we were and the activities all laid out, making it super easy to relax and enjoy each day.

SF: Tip on what to pack for your trip?
LG: Bring a powerboard—absolutely my number one tip! There are very few powerpoints on board! Less is more! Don’t overpack you’ll just end up wearing the same swimsuit everyday. You can pick up most essential items right there in Croatia anyway—things like blow-up floaties and even costumes. For the Rave Cave Party on Makarska island everyone dresses up like a pirate or a sailor—you can easily buy your costume there at the markets on the island, it doesn’t cost a lot and it’s super fun.

SF: How to decide which route to take?
LG: Personally, I’d recommend Dubrovnik to Split. I did the Split to Split route and only stayed one night in Dubrovnik, it’s a place I would have definitely liked more time to explore. That way you’d still get to finish with the festival but have more time in Dubrovnik.

SF: What was Ultra like?
LG: OMG, I don’t know how to put it into words. By far the best festival I’ve ever been to—I loved the vibe, the energy and the atmosphere. My favourite DJs played—some of the biggest acts in the world—and seeing them play in such a huge setting was amazing for me. And, it was such a bonus knowing so many people from doing the sail trip together. It was massive! Even though the festival was so much bigger than any festival I’ve been to in Australia, the vibe was so chill and loving. I met heaps of other Aussies, but I also met some amazing friends from Brazil and all over the world.

SF: Favourite stops along the way? 
LG: In Hvar there’s a bar called called Aloha Bar, it’s right on the water and really chilled out in the day, and they make the best frozen raspberry daiquiri I’ve ever had in my life! I also really loved Korčula—it was like a mini Dubrovnik with cool little streets to walk, it was really pretty.

SF: Describe a typical day sailing?
LG: I got in pretty late most nights! I really enjoyed the sleep in till 9ish, then I’d grab some breakfast and take a nap or sunbake on the deck of the boat. We’d stop for a swim spot late morning—the waters are crystal clear and such a nice refreshing temperature, the ocean is calm and really beautiful. Then we’d have lunch aboard [always a great feast] and then in the afternoon we’d dock and go explore the port we’d landed at for the night. You can do activities then meet back up with the group for dinner, then go out and party. Then do it all over again! The boat docks from around at 4pm in the afternoon until around 5am in the morning, so by the time breakfast rolls around you’re already out on the ocean and waking up somewhere new!

Did Lauren Goodwin make you curious about the Busabout Ultra+Sail Croatia tour? Check out our DEALS page for our latest flights, tours and more!

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