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Published January 8th, 2020

Love summer? Keen on the outdoors? Kids think your jokes are funny? You might just be a contender for the holy grail of all-American adventure…The original summer camp experience!

Camp America provides the opportunity to work as a camp counsellor in the USA, however—it’s more than just a job—it is your opportunity to effect change. You’ll spend 9-12 weeks doing all the fun things from paddling canoes and toasting smores to getting your drama on at the camp concert, or crafting a hot-glue-gun masterpiece. #nevergrowup

Camp America in Australia is recruiting for the 2020 Summer Camp season, and this is your chance to nab a spot as a Camp Counsellor! There's hundreds of jobs up for grabs, you can meet Camp Directors and even get hired on the spot.



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If you’re in Melbourne on Saturday 11th January or Sydney on Sunday 12th January —get along to the Camp America Job Fair! If you’re out-of-state or can’t make it to the Job Fair—don’t worry! Camp America applications are open online and there's over 1,000 camps looking for summer staff for their camp. Get in touch with Camp America or go to your local Universal Traveller store to find out more!

Get ready for a truly unique and immersive cultural exchange opportunity! 

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