About Us

Our Purpose

We’re here to Go Beyond. That means we Go Beyond the over-populated tourist sites and instead uncover local experiences, because that’s what makes the best stories.

It also means we Go Beyond in our service and our products so we always have the widest range of exclusively discounted flights, tours, hotels and more for our under 30’s and student travellers.

So that’s what we’re about, getting young people to go further and go beyond.

Universal Traveller

Like you, we’re travellers too, and we’ve been doing this for over 23 years. We know that flying to the other side of the world in search of adventure doesn’t mean heading there with a minute-by-minute schedule filled with the generic ‘top 10 things to do’ found on Google.

It’s about discovering a hidden textiles souk in Marrakech, eating the best Smørrebrød in Copenhagen and go-karting through the streets of Tokyo at night.

We know this because we’re real travellers just like you and we’re committed to going beyond the typical tourist traps to build you an unforgettable adventure and bring you exclusive deals.

Our People

Our people are real travellers themselves and they’ve been everywhere. You name the most remote city you can think of and we will have someone who has been there, done that. Our people have first hand travel experience and advice, and take care of all the hard work to get you where you’re going, in the way that suits you best.

Plus we’ve got your back with 24/7 round the clock support before your trip, during your trip and then again when you get home.

Emergency help is always just a phone call away on 1300 657 979 and outside Australia it’s +61 7 3011 7829.

We even know how to fix those post holiday blues ;) Hint: It involves booking your next trip. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat mi goreng for months afterwards to afford it. That’s where our Book Now, Pay Later flexible payment options comes in handy.

Student Flights (formerly Black Market)

Basically, Student Flights are exactly as the name suggests. They are international flights exclusively discounted by Universal Traveller to heaps of destinations – and they’re only for people under 30-years-old and full time students.

Universal Traveller are all about getting a great airfare deal at prices where you’ll think the travel consultant made a mistake.

Mindful Travel

For us, traveling responsibly means operating our business in a manner that respects the environment and wildlife, and benefits local people, their cultures and economies.

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk it too which means all of the values of our company and how we operate are aligned now, and in the future so every generation has the opportunity to Go Beyond.

You can read more about how our wider family of travel brands does this here.

Student Flights is now Universal Traveller

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We believe having the leverage of Universal Traveller and Student Flights will provide even more real traveller knowledge for you, which means you have no reason to go anywhere else for all your travel needs.

Long story short, our customers are more than just students and people who book flights, so we wanted you to know that, hence the name change to Universal Traveller

You will continue to be given our specialised youth travel advice that you come to us for, at Student Flights. Plus all of our new authentic-experience driven product, and those exclusively discounted flights, tours and hotels that we know you love.

Our travel experts pride themselves on being able to bring their real travel experiences and passion to build those memorable travel plans to send their customers beyond the regular tourist filled destinations. The travel experts you’ve come to know are still committed to providing you with the same dedicated service and authentic travel advice. Find your local Universal Traveller store today.