Africa Accommodation

Get the cheapest deals on hotels in Africa and the best hot deals, travel tips and tricks from the well-travelled team at Universal Traveller. Don’t miss our deals when you’re planning your safari escape – the team at Universal Traveller knows all there is to know about lazing with lions by day and sharing stories by the campfire at night with your newfound safari friends as you swap stories about hippos and antelopes under the stars. Universal Traveller can help you snag a semester break with attitude in Africa with our Africa accommodation deals and package it all into a neat little adventure tour that includes wildlife treks and all the frills too.

Africa Accommodation Packages

Universal Traveller aren’t just super awesome at finding the cheapest flights you’ve ever heard of, but we’re pretty darn great at putting together butt-kicking accommodation packages too, ensuring you get to your destination and get your head on a bed with minimal fuss and money slinging. Our Africa accommodation packages come in all shapes and sizes and range from campfire chats on a Kenyan safari to an energetic Egyptian club scene escape that will see you miss many many days in exchange for all-night raves and revelry. Universal Traveller can help tailor Africa accommodation packages to suit your budget and travel plans, whether you’re planning a group escape to track down jungle gorillas or you want to sandboard down desert dunes by day and sleep like a baby by night in a lovely soft bed somewhere. Ask a Universal Traveller travel consultant about our Africa accommodation packages, and how we can cleverly bundle it all into one big adventure with some cheap flights and other hot deals to boot.

Hotels, Apartments and Villas in Africa

An escape to Africa can be done in many different ways. You can choose style or you can choose to really immerse yourself in the safari life and camp out under the stars in this magnificent corner of the globe. Whether you’re a camper or a glamper or a hotel-lover, Universal Traveller offers a range of accommodation options to ensure your African adventure is just the way you ordered it. Ask us how we can help you to tailor your Africa accommodation options into a package that suits your taste, but doesn’t break your budget, and possibly even offers you a few hot deals to sweeten it up on the side.