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Aloha Oahu! It's Hawaii’s busiest island and home to the one and only capital, Honolulu. Known as ‘The Gathering Place’, this tropical paradise is the perfect mix of cosmopolitan life, native traditions and beautiful, beautiful beaches. With all that pearly white sand attracting masses from around the world, it’s no surprise there are a lot of accommodation options in and around Honolulu.

We’ve donned the boardshorts, hit the surf and sipped cocktails with those little umbrellas in them to find you the best Honolulu accommodation deals so you can get a good night’s rest on your Hawaiian holiday. From budget beachfront stays in entertainment district and ever-popular beach strip Waikiki Beach to five-star resorts in ritzy Kahala and BnBs along the North Shore – our Student Flights Beds range has you covered in Honolulu.

The Student Flights Beds Honolulu range is divided into 3 easy tiers, so the only thing left for you to decide is if you want to go basic, value or premium! Plus, if you're a full time student or under 30 you save more on beds with us. And, you're never alone with our free 24/7 global assist!

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