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6 Contiki trips through Asia that are so extra

Published October 7th, 2016

Can one trip change the course of the rest of your life? Who knows but you may as well give it a go right, and there's no better place in the world to try than in the bubbling melting pot that is Asia! This is the continent that will swallow you whole, chew you up and spit you out with stories to be retold for the rest of your life.

These six different Asian adventures are sure to turn you into a whole new better more worldly version of yourself, or at the very least you’ll eat some A-grade grub and drink more Singapore Slings than anyone should ever consume in one lifetime.

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1. Japan city to slopes

Fill your belly with sushi, down a vat of saki and hit the slopes on this fresh banger of a Japan tour. With so much to see and try there’s plenty of opportunity to eat, shop and explore on all four city stops in Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo and Hakuba. The real question however is how much sashimi and teppanyaki do you think you could fit over a 12 day trip?

This new ski and tour combo lets you get the best of both worlds in Japan where you can relax in a traditional Onsen, ride a bullet train and eat at one of the country’s famous robot restaurants in between carving it up at one of Japan’s best ski resorts. Kanpai!



Snowboarder in Japan. Photo: Contiki.
Saaaaaake! Photo: Contiki.

2. Bangkok to Singapore adventure

A favourite on the Contiki line up is the action-packed 14-day adventure through Thailand and Malaysia stopping in 11 cities including Kuala Lumpur and Panang. See Thailand’s Royal Palace in a guided tour, sleep in a treehouse in Khao Sok and go tubing in the National Park.

Glide along Cheow Larn Lake on a bamboo raft to explore the Pakarang Caves and bask in yummy Malaysian bites on a ‘Steamboat’ dinner in Cameron Highlands. You will also get the lowdown with a guided street art tour in Penang and explore a local tea plantation and strawberry picking experience with rolling green vistas. Contiki have come through with the goods on this one.


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3. Asian adventure

Do you even chopstick bro? No? Well don’t worry because you’ll be slaying the chopstick game by the end of these 14 to 16 days tuk-tuking around Asia. The trip starts in Bangkok before heading north and circling back around through eight more cities. In Bangkok alone there will be the Patpong night market with its neon lights and buzzing street life, Bangkok’s Royal Palace, The Emerald Buddha Temple and exploring the Chao Praya River and canals by long-tail boat.

Take a Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai, explore the old quarter and relax with a Thai massage. There will be scenic drives through lush rolling hills and small local towns where you can get a real sense of rural life.

You’ll also cruise the famous Mekong Delta in Laos and see the Pak Ou Caves set into limestone cliffs. There’s just so much packed into these two weeks, one last highlight would be taking part in a sacred Laotian ritual of offering alms (food) to Buddhist monks. While we can’t promise you’ll reach Nirvana in just two weeks, you’ll sure feel something similar to rebirth by the end of this adventure.


Two girls enjoying a cocktail on the beach in Thailand. Photo: Contiki.
Get ready to drink all the cocktails. Photo: Contiki.

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4. Eternal India

Awaken your senses, get out of your comfort zone and throw yourself into one of the most rewarding chapters in your life with a 12 day trip to one of the most colourful countries on earth. From Delhi to Mumbai and everything in between, the seven city stops on this trip each pack one hell of a spicy punch whether you’re exploring markets full of exotic fresh produce and elaborate textiles in a rickshaw or getting up before dawn for a sunrise safari to spot a wild tiger in Ranthambhore.

One thing is for certain, you won’t want to miss the UNESCO World Heritage Agra Fort and the one of the New Seven Wonders of the World which you’ve waited your whole life to see in person, the Taj Mahal. Finally take the Indian cuisine masterclass followed by dinner with a local family, so you can recreate a little bit of the spice of India when you get home.


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5. Thai island hopper west

Here’s the part where you say thank you, thank you very much because we’re about to introduce to you the most laid back, ‘I’m never going home’ eight days of your life. Think sea canoeing, secret coastal limestone caves and beachside cocktails, and that’s just day one. To take the activities up a notch on the cultural spectrum head into Phuket Town to see some Chinese influenced architecture and hit up Bangla Road for a famous cabaret show.

Head on to Koh Phi Phi and then Krabi where the sunny beach days stretch long into the balmy nights dining on herb-filled rice salads with grated coconut aka khao yam and don’t forget about the bucketload of pad thai.

6. Bali island hopper

The Bali Island Hopper is THE most chill one week getaway, leaving on a Saturday and arriving back the next weekend, because Contiki knows those annual leave days are precious and must be taken full advantage of. Start each day with an included fresh breakfast before you get out and explore Seminyak, Gili Trawangan, Senggigi, Seminyak and Ubud.

With all the free time in the world you can choose from a snorkelling day trip around the Gili islands or taking a one-day diving course, take photos at sunset on the insta-famous Datu ocean swing, lay under a palm tree on the beach in the resort town of Senggigi, take a surf lesson at Kuta Beach or hire a scooter. There’s so much to do and that’s not even getting started on the night life and you know when those cocktails start happening at sunset each day Bali really brings a whole new meaning to gettin’ turnt.


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