An abandoned old homestead in disrepair on the edge of the Kahurangi National Park, Tasman Region, New Zealand.


6 Haunting places in Australia that have us saying "nope" this Halloween

Published October 25th, 2016

These six places are the reason we want to make like JoJo and get out right now and never return to Australia. But in case your curiosity gets the better of you and you decide to read about these six spooky locations, don’t blame us when you have to dig out the old wall mount nightlight to help you sleep tonight.

Also if simply reading about these places isn’t enough of a scare (honestly, I didn’t even want to write this story because I hate scary things that much, so count me out) then don’t worry I have just the experience to scare the pants off you!

Try a stay via Hostelworld, at the converted 1850s prison building and nearby guards' cottages of the Fremantle Prison YHA in Perth. Yep, you read that right. You can stay in a World Heritage 19th century former prison that is now a hostel, and officially one of the spookiest places in Australia. Officially by my standards at least.

Alas here are six scary af places I hope to never ever visit:

An orphanage in Goulburn, nope.

Formerly the St.John’s Orphanage or the ‘Goulburn Boys Orphanage’ that was run by the Sisters of Mercy and the Catholic Church until its closure in 1978.


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Devil’s Pool near Babinda, Queensland, nope.

Now this one is just bizarre, Queensland is apparently home to one of the world’s most dangerous natural pools. Babinda Boulders, also known as Devil’s Pool, has claimed the lives of at least 17 people since records began in 1959. Most of the deaths have been young men. According to Aboriginal folklore, a young woman drowned herself in the pool after being separated from her lover, so now she haunts the pool by luring young men to join her in death.


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This old Quarantine Station in Sydney, nope nope.

For over 150 years the North Head Quarantine Station was used to isolate people who had or had been exposed to deadly infectious diseases such as bubonic plague, spanish influenza, smallpox, typhus, scarlet fever & yellow fever. It is said that the spirits of the 500-plus people who died during the station’s history still haunt it. Multiple reports also claim to have seen the same blonde girl with plaited hair, who talked to them and sometimes took them by the hand.


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The Monte Cristo Homestead in Junee, bloody hell nope.

This homestead in Junee is renowned for being “Australia’s Most Haunted House” due to its disturbing history of grisly accidents and deaths. A boy burned alive in the stables, a small girl was “pushed” out of a maid’s arms and down the stairs by a mysterious unseen force, and most recently in 1961, the fatal shooting of a gardener by a local youth obsessed with the film Psycho. Visitors have reported seeing strange lights, presences, and ghostly figures throughout the house.


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This amusement park in Mandurah, WA, nope.

Take one look at this and tell me you’d feel safe standing there in that park alone.


A castle in an abandoned amusement park. Photo: wyrmworld / Creative Commons / Flickr
Nope, nope, nope. Photo: wyrmworld / Creative Commons / Flickr

Australia’s largest abandoned insane asylum, hell to the nope.

Aradale is Australia’s largest abandoned lunatic asylum. Comprised of over sixty buildings and placed in over hundred acres on the top of a hill near Ararat, Victoria. Completed forty years before Freud, this building saw some of the most controversial psychiatric treatments in Australia. Around 13,000 people died there in its 130 years. As a result, there are tales of Nurse Kerry, who allegedly haunts the women’s wing and watches the ghost tour groups from one room in particular along with a string of other creepy occurrences.


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