The camping commandments for Splendour in the Grass 2015

Published April 23rd, 2015

Unless you’ve been residing under a rock, right now you’re probably monitoring your progress in the ticket queue, crossing all your appendages for those coveted 3-day Event Tickets for you and your mates. Yep, Splendour in the Grass 2015 (SITG) goes on sale at 9am today and that hot little ticket will get you access to four stages and an amazing lineup of over 100 acts for the massively anticipated event, running from July 24 to 26. If you’re also planning camping at this year’s Splendour, you can stay onsite at North Byron Parklands for up to five nights from Wednesday, July 22, so before you pack up the campervan, here’s the commandments for camping at Splendour in the Grass 2015 you need to know before you go.  

Photo: Splendour in the Grass



1. Thou shalt buy your camping ticket (and a vehicle pass)

Seems obvious, right? Your event ticket is not the same at a camping ticket. If you plan on pitching a tent at SITG, you’ll need a separate camping ticket per person. And unless you plan on carrying your equipment into the North Byron Parklands with you from Byron, pony up for a vehicle pass too.  

Photo: Splendour in the Grass



2. Thou shalt wear the right footwear

It’s Byron Bay so there’s a 90 percent chance of rain, in any season. Bring your gumboots but alternatively, also bring some shoes you don’t mind getting dusty. And you’ve already worn in. Nothing will kill your buzz seeing Blur perform "Song 2” like blisters. And forget thongs. Just no.  

Photo: A Catt/Splendour in the Grass



3. Thou shalt not bring your acoustic guitar

Trust us, there will be plenty of musical talent for you to enjoy at the festival. And nobody wants to hear your rendition of "Bohemian Like You".  

Photo: Ian Laidlaw/Splendour in the Grass



4. Thou shalt get your rave on in the after-hours tents

Not in the campsite.  

Photo: Stephen Booth/Splendour in the Grass



5. Thou shalt relax your germophobe tendencies

By all means pack your hand sanitiser, baby wipes and deo (please do!), but know that three days of camping will all mean nothing and toilet paper is worth more than anything.  

Photo: Lachlan Johnston/Splendour in the Grass



6. Thou shalt not camp near the toilets


Photo: A Catt/Splendour in the Grass



7. Thou shalt pack appropriately

This isn’t a Fashion Police episode - wear what you want, patchouli, dreads and all – but know that Byron Bay winter nights can be brutally cold. A case in point – standing on the hill of the amphitheatre on the Sunday night at SITG 2014. Bring warmies for cold nights or a snuggle buddy and then raid their wardrobe.  

Photo: A Catt/Splendour in the Grass



8. Thou shalt leave your resting bitch face at home

Don’t be hating on your festival and campsite brethren. So what if your phone dies, you can't find your friends, a suspicious liquid is seeping from the portaloo, or everyone is wearing the same paisley playsuit as you? Chill out. You’re at Splendour. And you’ve already got the golden ticket.  

Photo: Lachlan Johnston/Splendour in the Grass


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