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How Croatia became the new party destination: we talk to the experts

Published October 25th, 2017

The Greek Islands have long been a favourite summertime yachting destination however Croatia has steadily gained momentum on its distant neighbour and is now one of Europe’s hottest up and coming places to island hop.

Snaking along the coast of Croatia is the Adriatic Sea with the most clear blue water you’ll ever see in your life which you can dive into right from the side of your yacht.

Are you ready to do nothing but eat, drink, sleep, sunbake, swim and dance on some of Croatia’s most fabulous islands by day and then continue on to all night long to some of the best music acts in the world? Stupid question we know. But not all questions are stupid -  we’ve talked to the people who get to go partying and sailing in Croatia as part of their job (jealous much) to find out why Croatia is the hot new place to party hard and sail the day away.



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We’ve dropped anchor with Dane Dunne,  Co-Founder at Entourage Tours plus Annelise Moult from Busabout to talk all things Croatia sailing and why it’s the hottest place to be in Europe next summer...

If someone is stuck between choosing Croatia and Greek Islands sailing trips - what do you think are the main differences between the two besides obviously the countries themselves?

Dane at Entourage: I have done The Yacht Week Greece in 2013 and Croatia 2014 > 2017. I noticed a major difference in the party pace. Greece is more day parties where Croatia is wild night time events. Greece has a stronger focus on the culture also where Croatia strength is impressive events. 

Annelise at Busabout: The great thing about Busabout’s Croatia Island Hopper trips is that you only need to unpack once! Accommodation is on the boat so there’s no need to move from hostel to hostel. Our passengers get to spend plenty of time on and in the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

Our Greek sailing trips are perfect for passengers who want to maximise their time on land exploring each of the beautiful islands. The Greek Island Flexi Hopper gives passengers the ultimate flexibility to stay as long as they like on each island and allows them to be more independent if they want to be.


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Croatia seems to be the up and coming destination for mixing sailing and the best music festivals - why do you think it’s gaining so much popularity?

Dane: Greece was the go to back in the 90’s. Greek Islands was all you ever heard about! Back then Croatia was still recovering from the break up of Yugoslavia. But since then the world has been able to see how beautiful Croatia is and what the country has to offer. Especially since the introduction of social media, you can’t escape a load of friends bouncing somewhere over Europe each summer.

Annelise: The main reason is because Croatia is just so Instagram-able! Dubrovnik has gained massive popularity due to it being the location of King’s Landing from Game of Thrones so is a massive attraction for a lot of travellers. Croatia’s location is easy to get to from Italy and Greece and it’s plethora of music festivals such as Ultra and Hideout are a huge drawcard for a lot of people.


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If you were telling your bff about partying in Croatia what are the best bits that you would highlight?

Annelise: Swim stops in a beautiful, pristine ocean are absolutely incredible and something that needs to be seen to be believed. The Croatian nightlife is a highlight in itself and Busabout even offers passengers the chance to experience a nightclub in a fortress and a rave in a cave. Need we say more?!

Our Busabout 2 day Croatian Adventure trip is a definite must do before or after any Croatia sailing experience – we ensure our passengers get to access the waterfall-filled Plitvice and Krka National Parks far away from all the crowds. It’s a definite highlight for anyone wanting those insta-worthy pics!

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