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How To Get The Most Out Of 25 Days In Europe

Published January 29th, 2018

So you love travel. We get that. Whether you’ve already done Europe and just can’t get enough, or are looking to head over for the first time, an epic yeah-that’s-nearly-a-month holiday (like this one from Topdeck) will set you up with some brag-worthy travel tales for a looooong time.

Here’s a sneak peak at what you can expect to see and do in those action-packed 25 days... Plus check out Universal Traveller latest travel deals here, warning tho, you're going to wanna book asap...

London, England

Topdeck’s Summer Compass itinerary starts here, in what could very well be the most awesome city on the planet. (Did we mention we love London? We love London.) Arrive a few days early and you’ll have time to check out all the big, iconic landmarks (Tower of London, Tate Modern, Big Ben, anyone?) as well as do all those cool things Londoners take for granted, like catch a black cab to a tucked-away pub in somewhere like Farringdon and savour a pint or three before realising you’re in the middle of one of those great British institutions: the pub lock-in.

And, the good news is that if you arrive in London without a moment to spare, your European adventure will take you full circle, back to London, so you can look forward to exploring the UK capital at the end of your trip.


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Paris, France

Gourmet picnic under the Eiffel Tower? How about a guided tour of the City of Lights? Or maybe roll with the optional bike tour? There’s time to explore the city on your own or check it out with fellow travellers. From the Musee d’Orsay to the l’Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Elysees, you’ll be ‘gramming like there’s no tomorrow. And the farewell highlight? Cabaret in the Latin Quarter. Ooh la la.


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Madrid, Spain

After the Loire Valley and Bordeaux, you’ll not only be an expert on vino, you’ll be ready to hit Spain. With the golden beach and totally moreish tapas of San Sebastian behind you, it’s Hello Madrid.

Art, culture, incredible food and buzzing nightlife make Madrid a dead cert for a great time. Here you can see some of the original paintings by Picasso and Dali, explore the impressive (and decorative) city landmarks such as the Plaza Major, and sample the oh-so-decadent churros that Chocolateria San Gines has been serving since 1894.


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Rome, Italy

You’ve done Valencia, Barcelona, Marseille, Pisa and Florence, and now, you’re in Rome. How do you take in so much history and culture? (A guided walking tour has never sounded so good.) Then, after taking in about as many amazing stories as you possibly can, squeeze in one more thing: pizza. Oh and possibly gelato. Don’t leave without visiting the Pope or checking out Rome’s favourite neighbourhood, Trastevere. This funky, bohemian area comes with craft beer pubs, artisan shops and centuries-old, working-class roots. Too cool.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

After falling in love in Venice (with Venice, by the way), then breathing in that crisp, fresh air in the Swiss Alps and gently cruising down the mountains to Luxembourg, your epic European adventure will then take you to one of the hippest cities you’ll ever visit: Amsterdam. Notoriously liberal, often eccentric and always exciting, Amsterdam is a culture fix with tasty street food on the side. Grab a stroopwafel and make like a local as you enjoy free time in the city. Must-dos include a visit to Heineken HQ, the Van Gogh Museum or Anne Franck House and don’t miss finding out all about Dutch cheese and clogs. Hey, you’re in Holland. Your second day in Amsterdam rounds off with a farewell dinner cruise on the canals. No time for tears – next stop is London!

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