Where to cruise for under 30s

Published September 18th, 2015

Don’t just get to your holiday destination. Enjoy the journey. Oh, and by cruising, we mean on the ocean – not just for babes – but who knows, your very own The Love Boat romance could be waiting for you on board!

Cruises are a great alternative to backpacking, and not just for those who hate lugging around backpacks and navigating the world’s different and often flustering public transportation systems. Today there are hundreds of cruise ships taking thousands of passengers like you on once-in-a-lifetime holidays all over the world.

That's right, the times have changed. It’s now possible to cruise the open seas on holiday without fear of coming under attack. And we don't mean by pirates. We mean things like babies, baby boomers, boredom and budget blowouts.

Choose your under 30s cruise with your style and interests in mind, be they endless on board activities, adventure-bound or non- stop partying …

Cruising = fun in the sun


Ships these days pack serious activity heat. Never have a dull cruise moment when in between port stops you can rock climb, zip line, flow ride, water slide, catch a movie, do yoga, enter a sports tournament, ice skate and slurp down margaritas poolside.

Royal Caribbean offers cruises from Australia to the Pacific with ships overflowing – with activities just like these. With great access from Australia’s east coast, there will be plenty an idyllic beach to relax on once you reach the spectacular shores of places like Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia!


People have been reaching those hard-to-reach places by ship for centuries. Add your name to this list of adventurers with a trip to the world’s more untouched places. If your pennies permit, this could mean a polar adventure to the magnificent Antarctica or Arctic!

Peregrine Adventures offers a range of cruises to the Antarctic where you can go to the less-visited east coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Keep your eyes peeled for gigantic icebergs, sit with the penguins and seals and enjoy awesome extras like sea kayaking, camping and snowshoeing.

Antarctica calling?


Love a good booze cruise? Well they’re not really called that these days, more adults-only cruises. Solo travellers, LBGT-only and all-inclusive party chasers are but three of the many tailored cruise options on offer throughout the world.

If you’re looking for a cheap party cruise, why not join P&O and many a spring breaker on their Caribbean and Mexican coast or Hawaiian cruise? They include daily parties on deck, accommodation, a range of activities, three meals a day and stops in all the right party places. Cancun, here we come!

Live it up on the deck

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Jolee Wakefield

A seasoned backpacker and travel writer, Jolee has spent the past decade wandering the globe in pursuit of good vibes, unusual conversations and unforgettable adventures like cave diving in Mexico, mountain climbing in Borneo and learning (failing at) local dances in the Pacific nation of Kiribati.