Solar Buddy

Solar Buddy

Creating a better future for all, one solar light at a time.

Help us illuminate better future for children across the globe, one solar light at a time.

SolarBuddy was founded by Simon Doble an inventor and social impact entrepreneur who specializes in creating innovative solar energy solutions for the humanitarian, off-grid sector. In 2011, Simon came across a disturbing article in Time Magazine about energy poverty being the worst kind of poverty. This article resonated deeply, and he felt compelled to do something about it, which led to the creation of SolarBuddy - a proudly Australian charity.

SolarBuddy is a global community of people united by its commitment to creating a sustainable future for all people and our beautiful life-supporting planet. As part of their community individuals learn about the 1.4 billion people living in energy poverty, the devastating impact this has on their lives, and how a simple solar powered light can help to improve their health, wellbeing, connectivity and education outcomes. Their goal is to gift 6 million lights to children living in energy poverty by 2030, which is the United Nations deadline for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. With your help we can help SolarBuddy achieve their dream and illuminate futures.

Energy Poverty

1.4 billion people across the globe live without electricity, severely limiting their potential. The results of energy poverty are truly devastating – it condemns billions to darkness, ill health, unfulfilled futures and creates repeated cycles of poverty.

Families living in energy poverty that rely on traditional fuels for lighting, such as firewood, spend several hours each day collecting fuel. This burden falls disproportionately to women and children and robs them of an education and income generating work.

Indoor air pollution, the result of using kerosene for lighting, leads to millions of deaths each year, damages eyesight and limits opportunities. Without a reliable light source to study with at night a child’s education stagnates as they are unable to develop the skills necessary to break the cycle of poverty.

Our commitment to ending energy poverty in Vanuatu

As part of Flight Centre Travel Group we are working towards our goal of ending energy poverty in Vanuatu. All of our donations and our customer’s donations to Solar Buddy will be put towards delivering solar lights directly to children and families in villages throughout Vanuatu.

The impact of a Solar Buddy light

• The gift of a Solar Buddy solar light helps children living in energy poverty to continue studying long after the sun goes down, improving their education outcomes and overall health and wellbeing.
• Children spend less time collecting firewood for cooking and heating and instead spend more time attending class, preparing for exams and completing homework assignments.
• A recent impact assessment report demonstrated that students are studying up to 78% longer with a SolarBuddy light and that families are spending 80% less of their income on expensive kerosene for lighting.
• A SolarBuddy light reduces reliance on burning wood and kerosene for lighting decreasing CO2 emissions.

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