Abu Dhabi Transport Guide

Typical of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is designed for car travel with most residents owning cars or using drivers. As a result, traffic jams are common in the downtown area of Abu Dhabi and best avoided during peak times.

How to get around Abu Dhabi

The ideal way to see Abu Dhabi is to drive, but if you are not keen on hiring a car and braving the traffic, there are few options available. Public transport in Abu Dhabi is limited to buses and taxis. Buses are cheap, air-conditioned and cover routes within the city and to other emirates. Metered taxis are plentiful, relatively inexpensive and the best option for visitors wanting to travel around town – there’s even ‘ladies only’ taxis, look for the pink light. Due to the large distance between different areas of Abu Dhabi, walking is not a viable way to get around.