The city that chocolate built

Not many can say that chocolate runs in the family – well, maybe a common addiction for it – but the Haigh family really took things to the next level. Alfred Haigh opened the first Haigh chocolate store in Adelaide in 1915. A revolutionary, two years later he began making chocolate-covered fruit centres, which they still make today, along with hundreds of other varieties of chocolate goodness.

In 1946, Alfred’s grandson, John, had a vision to take chocolate making in Adelaide to new heights after training in Switzerland with Lindt and Sprungli. Long story short, Haigh’s is proud to be the oldest family-owned chocolate manufacturer in Australia with the company now run by fourth-generation Haighs.

With the exception of Tasmania's Cadbury factory, there are few chocolatiers in Australia as famous as Haigh’s. At Parkside, just a 5-minute drive from the city centre, you can take a tour inside the factory, free of charge, and learn how chocolate is made from raw cocoa beans, as well as taste-test the extensive range!

You might have heard of Freddo Frog but have you heard of Haigh’s Milk Super Frog? At 22 centimetres and 375 grams of solid milk chocolate wrapped in gold foil, it’s pretty impressive. Maybe you’re more of an assorted truffles kind of person? Milk, dark, truffled or creamed; filled with nuts, caramel or berries; salted caramel, wild lime jelly, marzipan, passionfruit, lemon myrtle, violet, cherry liqueur, Champagne, Cointreau or coffee versions – there’s a chocolate at Haigh’s for everyone. At the end of the tour, you’re given a voucher for a discount in the chocolate shop – be warned, with good quality chocolate comes the price-tag; expect to pay little more here. Bargain hunters can check out the reduced rack for less-than-perfect but perfectly acceptable chocolate seconds. 

153 Greenhill Road, Parkside, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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