Introducing Africa

If you had to sum up the continent of Africa in a word it would simply be this: dynamic. For such a vast and populous landmass containing the most countries of any continent (54 sovereign countries at last count), and considered to be the place where humankind originated, ergo ‘Mother Africa’, it’s an absolute unknown quantity to most Westerners, but a place that definitely gets under your skin.

While TV highlights the poverty, civil unrest and dubious dictators that abound in Africa, and documentaries showcase the unique wilderness and wildlife that roams the continent, what you don’t see is the vibrant and bustling cities, modern metropolises and day-to-day life of the people. Africa is the real deal - a colourful patchwork of cultures and beliefs with over 1 billion people speaking over 2,100 different languages. Tribal traditions meet modern ways in the chaos and essence of the big cities and the smallest villages that entice the intrepid traveller to return again and again.

It’s the little things like following meandering alleyways in a spice-soaked souk in Morocco, travelling down the east coast on a dhow sailboat, watching the percussion-fuelled dance moves at a festival or seeing the majesty of nature up close that makes memories to last a lifetime, as well as Instagram pics and Facebook updates that’ll make you the envy of all your friends back home.

Whether you are after a safari sojourn to see the ‘big 5’ game animals in Southern and Eastern Africa, a sun-and-culture holiday along the beaches and on the islands, or want to potter about the ruins of ancient civilisations and tribes, there’s a country and experience for everyone waiting for you in Africa.

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