With a population of nearly 30,000, many people who visit Alice Springs are surprised to find a modern town with all the comforts of a small city that just happens to be located right in the very centre of Australia. In an area that’s roughly the size of Texas, Alice Springs in the only major town and service centre making it a pivotal stay or stopover for any trip to the outback. Want to know more? Read on.

Visa Requirements

Australian residents can explore the country with no limitations! For most international travellers, a normal holiday visa (eVisitor) permits 3 months’ travel within Australia over a 12-month period. Please be aware this information is only a guideline. For up-to-the-minute visa information, please contact your local Embassy or Consulate of Australia.


The currency of Australia is the Australian Dollar. The exchange rate between the Australian Dollar and other currencies fluctuates constantly so it's a good idea to monitor the rate before purchasing cash. For overseas visitors, consider using a credit or debit card or a travel money card for safe spending while you are in Australia. Cash Passports are ideal for international travellers as they can hold a range of currencies including Australian Dollars, and can be used like credit cards.


You’ll be pleased to hear that outback cuisine has moved on from witchetty grubs. These days, it’s all about the Overlanders Steakhouse, an Alice Springs institution that’s famous for its oversize steaks. Take the challenge to see if you can scoff the biggest of them all, the ‘Ringers Reward’ - a 2-kilogram piece of rump steak. If you make it through, you’ll join the handful of digestively gifted who have been immortalised on the restaurant's walls and website. Just so you know, the record is 22 minutes and 14 seconds, held by a one mighty Alan Rowe – a former butcher. After something lighter? Head to Tinh and Lanh's Alice Vietnamese Restaurant on the outskirts of town for homemade Vietnamese delicacies in a quirky and quaint garden setting. You’re not going to find any single origin cold drip coffee in this neck of the woods, however the coffee poured at Page 27 café is the exception to the rule. Located in Fan Arcade off Todd Mall, you can get your daily caffeine fix along with a hearty breakfast or a tasty light lunch.


There’s no denying the local pubs and eateries in Alice Springs have gone with an outback-slash-wild Wild West theme – complete with stockman regalia and cowhide seats. At popular watering hole Bojangles, you’re greeted by saloon doors and a 3 metre-long long live carpet snake behind the bar. A favourite of backpackers and station ringers, a few drinks here are almost certain to provide a good time, any night of the week. Or there’s Monty’s pub with the largest variety of beers on tap in Alice. Juicy Rump (not as tacky as the name suggests) is the best late-night option if you want to have a dance to cheesy R’n’B or watch a big sporting event on the town's largest plasma screen. Another top option is Annie’s Place – a rollicking backpacker’s bar. Relax in the leafy beer garden and take advantage of the cheap jugs of beer and the poolside location.

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