Alice Springs Weather Guide

Alice Springs is one of the few places in Australia where you can still pack accordingly to the traditional 4 seasons. Summers are hot, while winters are stormy with temperate days accompanied by clear skies and cool evenings. Classified as a hot and arid desert environment – and one of extremes – visitors to the area should guard against dehydration by drinking lots of water, no matter what the season.

Season and Clothing

Summer: December to February

Summer days in Alice Springs hover around the 30s but never reach above 45 degrees Celsius. The heat in the Alice is a dry heat, not humid and sticky like other regions in Australia, so even though temperatures are hot, they’re not stifling. When a thunderstorm rolls in, it can drop the temperature by 15 to 20 degrees Celsius in 10 minutes providing welcome relief.

Average temperatures: 15 – 45 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Shorts, t-shirts, lightweight clothes, hat and sunscreen.
Don’t forget: A light jacket for cool morning and evenings, hat.

Autumn: March to May

Possibly the best time of year, autumn is a particularly inoffensive season with moderately warm days and cool nights. These months offer an ideal setting to get out and explore the Red Centre. National Reconciliation Week is celebrated each year between May 27 and June 3. An important calendar date for the Aboriginal community and the town at large, it’s a great opportunity for visitors to understand about indigenous culture in the outback.

Average temperatures: 12 – 28 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Shorts, t-shirt, clothes for layering.
Don’t forget: A hat and SPF 50+ sunscreen.

Winter: June to August

Night-time temperatures can fall below zero degrees Celsius and sometimes thick frost in the morning can look like a carpet of snow. Brisk mornings are usually followed by very pleasant afternoon temperatures in the low 20s. When it rains in winter, daytime maximums can be as low as 8 to 10 degrees Celsius. The days are crisp, cool and bright – interestingly, clouds are a rare sight, which makes for optimal stargazing conditions at night.

Average temperatures: 4 – 20 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Jeans, jumpers, clothes for layering.
Don’t forget: A good jacket and thermals for cold mornings.

Spring: September to November

Often viewed as the most exciting season of the year with big changes in temperature from day to day, visitors to Alice Springs can expect to see epic thunderstorms or hail and duststorms during this untamed season. It is also the wild flower season in September and early October so anticipate seeing red soil dotted with vibrant shrubbery. Every September Alice Springs hosts the Alice Desert Festival - an annual arts festival, celebrating the desert and its rich cultural landscape.

Average temperatures: 15 – 30 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Jeans, long sleeves, clothes for layering.
Don’t forget: A waterproof jacket.