Argentina Currency Guide


Argentina uses the Argentine Peso.


Modern 24-hour ATMs are found in most large towns and cities in Argentina. Be sure to always carry cash as a backup in case the power goes down, the ATM is out of order, or you lose or break your plastic. Some ATMs in Argentina will only let you draw out a small amount each time so check how much the machine will let you draw out before you’re lumped with multiple transaction fees. If you plan on withdrawing money or using your credit card while travelling, don’t forget to notify your bank before you go for security purposes and check what international withdrawal fees may apply to your card.


Before you travel it is important to convert some of your Australian Dollars into Argentine Pesos to have with you when you arrive. Argentine Pesos are available to pre-purchase from Travel Money Oz before you fly.

Credit Card

Credit cards are accepted at a growing numbers of shops, restaurants and hotels in Argentina. You can usually use to them to pay for flights and train tickets too. However, be wary of scams. Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted cards; double check with your bank before you travel about accessing your various accounts while in Argentina.