Argentina Transport Guide

Buses, planes and automobiles – in Argentina, the bus is king. If you’re serious about exploring Argentina, then do it like the locals and board that bus.

How to get around Argentina

Argentina’s long-distance buses are fast and comfortable, and you can even skimp on a night’s accommodation cost by taking an overnight bus to your following destination instead. You can even upgrade to a reclining sleeper ticket for the glampers out there. Local buses in the cities are called colectivos and can be a little manic. If you have the option, take a tram, subway or taxi instead. There isn’t a whole lot of boat travel in Argentina, but in Buenos Aires you can take a boat excursion from Tigre around the delta of Rio de la Plata. It’s not unheard of to take a cycling holiday around Argentina, so if you’re that way inclined, put your foot to the pedal and see the landscape in detail. If all else fails or you’re stuck for time, there are several airline carriers servicing the 1,130 airports in Argentina.