Things to do in Australia

An extended holiday to Australia is necessary to stand a chance of seeing much of what the country has to offer. The Great Barrier Reef, one of the natural wonders of the world, is hidden in the depths of the Coral Sea and located off the tropical north coast of Queensland in close proximity to Cairns. The world's largest reef system is the natural habitat of over 1,500 species of fish including the wonderfully coloured clownfish known to many as 'Nemo'. Dive into the clear waters and come within a metre of finding the  neon-orange fish. Turtles and hundreds of other slightly more peculiar aquatic creatures dance between the coral and viewing this underwater world is nothing short of spectacular.

A trip to Australia is not complete without visiting the Sydney Opera House. A national icon within Sydney Harbour and in sight of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, the architectural sight vies with Uluru for Australia's most well-known site. With many international flights landing in Sydney, it is the ideal opportunity to get some snaps of the Opera House, or take a behind-the-scenes tour.

Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge at night is an unique way to see the expansive shimmering Sydney cityscape. A BridgeClimb, one of only 3 in the world, is a wonderful experience all round starting with a steady climb from the base following the group leader up to the summit where professional pictures are taken both of the group and individual shots. Climbers ascending the bridge are given protective clothing and are always attached by safety cable. The world's tallest steel arch bridge stands at 134 metres high and was opened in 1932. Sydney Harbour Bridge is also usually the centrepiece of New Year's Eve celebrations in Sydney, when thousand flock to take up position around the harbour to watch the outstanding annual fireworks display, which is televised and watched around the world. Sydney is a must-visit destination if you're holidaying in Australia over New Year's Eve.

Want more Australian travel inspo? Here's some of our Aussie faves.


This southern city has a famously varied climate with baking hot sun shining for hours throughout the day only to be replaced by a brief rain shower. This is not seen as a problem to the masses heading to Melbourne to embrace its creative culture. The best way to explore Melbourne is to simply wander the city streets and find those unexpected hidden gems. Seek out Melbourne’s cool current and don’t be afraid to get lost in the search for the unknown. It’s all a part of the fun.


This iconic Australian city is one big playground for tourists and locals alike. Shops, restaurants, bars, clubs and world-famous attractions, such as the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the harbour itself, are all nestled within the city borders. The largest and oldest city in Australia also boasts several popular beaches from Manly to Bondi for the dedicated sunseekers and surfers.


The Whitsundays is made up of 74 islands just off the northeast coast of Queensland, the most notable being Hamilton, Hayman and, of course, Whitsunday Island. This area is one of Australia’s honeymoon hotspots and an ideal destination for a romantic getaway. But it’s not all long walks on the beach. The Whitsundays also has plenty of adventure on offer with watersports such as jet skiing, windsurfing and diving.  

Gold Coast

The GC is a magnet for laidback surfers, shoppers and sunseekers alike. The Gold Coast is all about having fun; a bright and vibrant area that encompasses towering luxury serviced apartments and budget hotels. The stunning beaches go on for as far as the eye can see and complemented by waterfront cafes and restaurants. By night, the Gold Coast is a buzzing hive of cocktail bars and clubs welcoming all in for a fun night.


A popular destination or entry point to Australia, Cairns is a tropical haven with a welcoming backpacker culture as well as being a family friendly and also high-end tourist locale. When the tropical heat gets too much here during the day, head to the local manmade lagoon to cool off at. The Great Barrier Reef hugs the coastline and diving tours are widely available.