Things to do in Austria

There’s plenty of excitement to be had in every season in Austria. In wintertime, the Austrian Alps are dreamy and plenty of fun for snowboarders and skiers too. There are 3 major resorts worth checking out: Innsbruck (known as the capital of Alps), Alberg and Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Don’t miss the magical Christmas markets called Christkindlmarkt in Vienna where you can glug mulled wine and sample local delicacies as you check out the twinkling lights and handmade ornaments.

In summer, the snow has melted and the alpine landscapes return to their former green glory and in some cases go underwater! Yep, in June there’s a park in the state of Styria that turns into a lake called Grüner See (Green Lake). The spring heat melts away the snow from the summits of the Karst Mountains and creates a crystal-clear, emerald-green lake. Pack your scuba gear and you can take a seat on the park bench underwater!

In the nation’s capital, Vienna, there’s plenty to keep you amused – even an amusement park! And not just any old amusement park, the world’s oldest, with a working Ferris wheel that was built in 1897. In fact, the whole city of Vienna is buzzing with good times - there’s contemporary arts, classical music venues, lively pubs and a rich history with Art Nouveau and Baroque architectural masterpieces. In fact, there are over 27 castles and 150 palaces, many of which still host 19th century-style balls.

Another important part of the Austrian lifestyle is kaffeehauskultur, which translates as ‘coffee house culture’. With some establishments dating back to the 19th century, the Viennese coffee houses are famous for their grand décor and lively atmosphere, and most importantly, their tortes! Here are some other places you should visit on your Austrian holiday.

Sigmund Freud Museum

Take a Freudian trip into one of the world’s greatest minds. At this Viennese museum, you can learn the life story of the world’s first psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud.


Standing proud in Vienna’s Landstrasse district, this colourful apartment house adorned with plant life is an Expressionist landmark with a history equally as colourful.


See where one of the masters of classical music once lived. Opened in 2006, this museum is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s last residence that remains in Vienna.


It’s the home of the oldest steam cog railway, a famous boat ride, rolling patchwork-like hillsides and outdoor adventures. But the most remarkable thing is the lake – its beauty will bring you to tears!


Shooting 3,798 metres above the Adriatic Sea, this Austrian mountain is easily accessible thanks to the famous Grossglockner High Alpine Road, which takes you to Hohe Tauern National Park and its glacier, the Pasterze.