Austria Transport Guide

Like the Austrians themselves, the public transport network in Austria is extremely efficient. You can take a boat, train or bus to most parts of the country. It’s safe to go your own way too, if you want to hire a car or motorbike.

How to get around Austria

Travelling along the Danube River isn’t just the most romantic way to get around Austria, it’s also super efficient. The Danube also links up to the Rhine River, so you can also travel on to Germany and Holland via boat. For a cheaper, but slightly less comfortable option, you can travel around Austria via bus. Eurolines buses pass through Vienna and stop at 14 places around Austria including Linz, Granz, Salzburg and Innsbruck. Oh, and there’s good news if you’re under 26 - you’ll get a discount. Austria also has a pretty efficient train network with intercity trains serving national routes. There are plenty of places where you can hire a car too. Just a few things to note though, day or night, you need to have your headlights on, carry a first aid kit in your car and have proof of your compulsory insurance. Ask about Green Cards when you hire your car.