Introduction to Bali

If there was a holy grail for student-friendly holidays, Bali would probably be it. A tropical island where fantastic food, beer, resort accommodation and sparkling pools come packaged in an achievable price. But it's the icing on top of this affordable cake that sets Bali apart from the myriad of beach resorts that line Australia. One with ingredients that include lush rainforests, enchanting temples, fascinating wildlife, pounding surf, spectacular sunsets and a friendly culture. All together, Bali is a small island with an potent recipe for holiday success.

Though technically a province, Bali is mainly known as an island of Indonesia and an Island of the Gods. Unlike much of Muslim Indonesia, Bali is predominately Hindu, a religion that presents the island with a fascinating spirituality complete with various temples, traditional rituals, ceremonies and dance. As such Balinese culture sets itself apart from the rest of Indonesia. Its natural assets are also worthy of praise, luring travellers with hopes of sunny days spent on pristine beaches, quiet contemplation amongst peaceful rice patties and wild adventures through lush rainforests. The holy grail of holiday destinations — especially if you're on a budget.


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