Bali's buzzing centre

From surfing to partying, shopping and dining, Kuta is where all the action in Bali happens. Equally if you're looking to avoid the tourist hordes, then you're best to avoid Kuta. But for all its crowds and hang ups, Kuta beach is a lot of fun, particularly at night.

Chances are if you're staying at a popular resort you'll find yourself in Kuta already. While many will choose to simply stay in their resort, it's worth exploring all that Kuta has to offer, especially the beach. Since the 1970s the long stretch of beach at Kuta has been enjoyed by tourists. As such tourism has grown to offer a beach well equipped with masseuses, beverage touts and surfboard rentals.

Away from the beach Kuta can get quite chaotic. Particularly at the markets where noisy touts try and sell you handicrafts, clothing and souvenirs. Some travellers find their pushy tactics a little overwhelming, so if you want to keep your relaxed post-massage buzz, you might want to skip them all together. At one time or another you will probably have to face the markets and the best advice we can give you is to simply take it in your stride, keep your sense of humour and keep on walking. If you do want to make a purchase don't forget that bartering in Bali is common practice. Once again you'll need your sense of humour with you when trying to talk down a price. Don't get too worked up over a few cents and if all else fails, walk away. Most touts will drop their price if they think you are leaving.

After a day of swimming, relaxing and bartering, it's time to let off some steam with a hearty dose of Kuta nightlife. From cocktail bars to pulsating clubs and open-air pubs, nightlife in Kuta is a mixed bag. The combining feature they all have in common though is they're incredibly relaxed. Everyone out in Kuta is in the holiday mood and just looking to have a good time. Also, most venues are air-conditioned which comes in handy when you're looking to carve it up on the dancefloor.

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