Banff Weather Guide

Banff sees an array of unpredictable weather throughout the year. Being well prepared is key, bringing many layers to keep warm will ensure your holiday isn't hampered by the chill of the Canadian Rockies mountain air. At such altitudes, the sun's UV power is strong, so it's smart to bring protection such as sunglasses, suncream and a hat all year round.

Season and Clothing

Summer: July to September

Overall the summer season in Banff is pleasant seeing temperatures reach tops of around 22 degrees Celsius. The weather can change within moments, so packing for all occasions is a must. Towards the end of the season, lows of 2 degrees Celsius are not uncommon.

Average temperatures: 2 - 22 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Ranging from shorts, t-shirts and hats to waterproof jackets and gloves.
Don't forget: Sunscreen and comfortable boots.

Autumn: October to December

The autumn season brings cooler temperatures starting to consistently drop from 10 degrees Celsius to an eventual low of -13 by mid-December. Expect to see an increasingly thick layer of snow covering the peaks and leaves deserting trees as the morning air becomes crisp. Bring your camera to snap the fall foliage in all its splendour.

Average temperatures: -13 - 10 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Warm layers including scarves, beanies and gloves
Don't forget: A waterproof coat

Winter: January to March

The winter months in Banff are predominately dry and cold. Overall the temperature is slightly warmer than neighbouring regions thanks to the Chinook winds, but can still get down to -14 degrees Celsius. The surrounding ski slopes receive a generous serving of snow with Banff receiving a comparable moderate amount. The ski season runs from December to mid-April, so make sure you pack your snow gear or hire it onsite. 

Average temperatures: -14 - 4 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Snowgear, waterproof boots, beanie and gloves.
Don't forget: A swimsuit for the town's hot spring spas and saunas.

Spring: April to June

Spring in the Canadian Rockies is an in-between season. Fluctuating almost summertime temperatures of up to 19 degrees Celsius late into the season are seen alongside the lingering, yet rapidly reclining snowline. Visit during spring to see the alpine blooms, thawing mountain lakes and streams, abundant wildlife and green scenery, and grab your hiking boots and adventure gear to tackle the many trails and outdoor activities on offer.

Average temperatures: -3 - 19 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Light layers, jeans and hiking boots.
Don't forget: A warm coat just in case.