Things to do in Belgium

Cool kids just like you are flocking from all over to Belgium for its adventure, shopping, astonishing art history and bizarre carnivals. It’s also home to a pretty incredible art scene with loads of noteworthy galleries. Don’t miss The Hergé museum at Louvain-la-Neuve, which centres around the works of Tintin cartoonist Georges Prosper Remi, known as Hergé, and the Magritte Museum dedicated to the famous Surrealist artist René Magritte in Brussels.

Belgium’s capital Brussels is where you’ll find the country’s most famous attractions like the Mannekin-Pis, the World Heritage-listed Grand Place and an endless collection of galleries. There’s also the amazing subterranean Coudenberg experience, which was a castle, then a palace and the seat of government from the 11th century, until it was destroyed in 1731. Its archaeological vestiges are now open to the public.

Outside of the capital there is much to discover too. The second-largest city and the country’s biggest port, Antwerp, may not be the capital of Belgium, but it sure is the capital of cool attracting the rich and famous from all over for its fashion, clubbing, arts and jewellery. While this city was bombed in World War II, it’s still retained much of its medieval charm with its café-filled cobblestone lanes and its striking architecture, particularly the cathedral.

Another popular Belgian city is the picturesque locale of Bruges. Often compared to Amsterdam due to its canals lined with stunning 14th-century architecture, the Old Centre is magnificent and well worth a stroll. Linger in the cafes with a Belgian beer and chocolate chaser to soak up the atmosphere. More medieval buildings can be found in Ghent, which is larger than Bruges and was once one of the wealthiest cities in Europe. For more things to see and do in Belgium, here’s our hitlist.

Pairi Daiza

Once the Cistercian Cambron Abbey, this 55-hectare zoo and botanical garden in Bruglette is home to over 4,000 animals spread over 7 main attractions.

Belgium Theme Parks

Let your inner child squeal with delight, because not only is Belgium the land of chocolate and beer, it seems it’s the land of theme parks too with 6 major parks to enjoy.

In Flanders Fields Museum

Around 100 years ago, one of the bloodiest battles in our history occurred in the Ypres region where this museum stands. This museum serves as a reminder of the events and educates visitors about World War I history.


This isn’t just a sculpture; it’s a symbol of the national rebellious spirit of the Belgian people. So make sure you come and say hi to the famous little peeing statue in Brussels.

The Belgian Centre for Comic Strip Art

Located in the nation’s capital, Brussels, this sweet comic book museum is incredible both inside and out with the Art Nouveau building designed by Victor Horta.