Belgium Transport Guide

You can travel around Belgium on a great public transport network made up of buses, ferries, trains and trams. There are also plenty of places to hire cars and campervans – super handy for saving on accommodation costs!

How to get around Belgium

If you’re flying into Brussels from Australia, you’ll land at Brussels National Airport, however there is no domestic air travel between Belgium cities. Not that you’ll need it. The country is pretty small and is serviced by an efficient public transport network. By train, you can travel to different domestic destinations and European destinations too. Buses aren’t used as frequently in Belgium because the train and light rail network is so efficient. The only place you’ll need to take a bus is in the Ardennes, the picturesque forested area within Belgium and Luxembourg. If you want to go your own way, hire a car. Just remember the signs will be in either French or Dutch, or if you’re in Brussels, both languages.