Introduction to Bogota

Bogotá is a South American city on the rise with much to offer the modern-day traveller. From the cobblestone streets and grand buildings of historic La Candelaria to the adventures awaiting you in the surrounding (and oh-so scenic) Andean peaks, there are many contrasts to Colombia’s capital. It’s all best seen on a Sunday, when some 300 kilometres of roads are closed to motorists for cyclists and walkers!

Yes it can get cold and chilly in Bogota, but what else would you expect from the second highest capital city in South America at 2,640-metres above sea level? Plus, if the city sites and breathtaking views don’t warm you up, the vibrant and passionate locals (that’s about 8 million Bogatanos) surely will. Thanks to a bohemian uni crowd, libraries and museums, the city has been dubbed the “Athens of South America”. There’s also experimental architecture, cafes-a-plenty and a great arts scene.

There’s no denying there is a stark contrast in classes in Bogota and in some places you need to have your whits about you. The south of Bogota, with slums and a higher crime rate, tells a different story to the emerging wealth of other areas. Nothing brings the people together like bullfighting and football in Bogota where it’s easy to get lost in the atmosphere. Just don’t forget what awaits you nearby – the Amazon and Caribbean coast!

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