Things to do in Bratislava

Post-Communist Bratislava is a shabby-chic city with plenty of personality. Start in the hub of the Old Town and explore the cultural curiosities of Hlavne Namestie, a central plaza lined with restaurants, boutiques and soaring facades.  

Museums are everywhere - delight in the grandeur of the Period Rooms Museum and follow your taste buds to the Museum of Viticulture, capping off your tour with a visit to Bratislava City museum. If you’re feeling up to it, climb the stairs to the top of Old Town Hall tower for an uninterrupted view. ‘The Cumil’, a bronze statue emerging from the sidewalk, attracts camera flashes and silly poses – join the masses for 5 minutes and move on. The Neo-classical Primates’ Palace is a must-see royal residence, and the tiny St Martin’s Cathedral lives up to its knockout reputation; you won’t stop staring at the painted ceilings.

Castle lovers won’t be disappointed in Bratislava. While Bratislava Castle (Bratislavský hrad) is already on our to-do list, the majestic Devin Castle deserves at least an afternoon. Dating back to 500 BC, Devin Castle has witnessed the settlement of Celts, Romans and later the Moravian Empire. Today, Devin Castle is considered a national treasure commemorated on coins and stamps and celebrated as a symbol of national unity. It also caters to adventure seekers, staging numerous exhibitions and displays.

If history is your thing, Slavin Memorial is both sobering and essential. The great obelisk commemorates Soviet soldiers who died during World War II. Visit the 6 mass graves and 278 resting places of 6, 845 Soviet soldiers and reflect on the sacrifice of Slovakia against the German Wehrmacht. 

Plotting your Bratislava to-see list trail can be confusing. We’ve mapped out some of the essentials to make your itinerary planning easier.

Michael’s Gate

Michael’s Gate is the sole surviving city gate from a roaring medieval past. Jaw-dropping views and knight’s weaponry await you in the heart of Bratislava’s Old Town.

The Church of Saint Elizabeth

Don’t miss the beautiful blue tones of the Church of Saint Elizabeth. A princess becomes a nurse, a fortune is forfeited and a legend is born. Intrigued? Discover more at Bratislava’s Blue Church.

Staré Mesto (Old Town)

Staré Mesto (Old Town) turns on the Slovakian charm and serves up a fresh banquet of historical must-sees, architectural delights, trendy cafes, delicious restaurants and a few surprises.

Most SNP

Most SNP has a big reputation. The biggest, the smallest, the weirdest - learn how one bridge can be all this and more. 

Bratislava Castle

From the Celts, to the Romans and the Moravians, Bratislava Castle is both the legacy and funeral pyre of 11 kings and 8 queens. Tour the ramparts, check out the museum and be dazzled by the view.