Introduction to Bruges

Escape to the mystical magic of Bruges. Like stepping inside a snow globe, you’ll feel a part of fairytale medieval Europe as you wander the cobblestone streets of Bruges. Whether you’ve come to indulge in beer and frites or compare the real Bruges to the one depicted in the movie, ‘In Bruges’, you’ll be swept away by this enchanting village-style town.

Located in Flanders in the northern part of Belgium, while Bruges might look like it’s stuck in the 16th century, around the bricks and mortar you’ll uncover a cosmopolitan and bourgeois town. Perhaps one of the coolest things about Bruges is it’s one of the best preserved pre-motorised cities in Europe, making it a perfect city to explore on foot. Or even take a bicycle tour and uncover Bruges’ hidden secrets. No trip to Bruges is complete without a boat trip along the mysterious canals and it’s also possible to explore the town by scooter, horse-drawn carriage or even up in a hot air balloon.

Chocolate – did we mention the Belgian chocolate? Bruges has over 50 passionate chocolatiers – it might as well be an unofficial chocolate laboratory. Making not just your standard daily milk either, chocolate makers come to Bruges to experiment with new techniques and flavours. You might imagine the pipes in the town run only with beer and chocolate – now wouldn’t that make for a fairytale city!

Aside from the ample offerings for eating and drinking, the entire city centre is considered an UNESCO World Heritage Site and makes for a postcard-perfect stop on any European jaunt. Pack an extra battery for your camera as you pose endlessly against backdrops of historic churches, next to swans in canals and undoubtedly as you say cheers to another round of Belgian beer. 

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