Things to do in Bruges

Chocolate connoisseurs will be happy in Bruges. Like fine wine appreciation, experts and even amateurs will be able to taste the difference in the quality of the chocolate produced here. You can get just about anything covered in chocolate and moulded – be prepared to giggle at the chocolate shop windows along Kathelijnestraat where you’ll see a fair few bosom-shaped varieties.

Shopping in Bruges isn’t just about beer and chocolate, the city is also renowned for its lace and produces some of the most luxurious laces in the world due to the Flanders region being blessed with vast amounts of flax flowers.

What else does every woman need? Sorry guys, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend and Bruges happens to be the oldest diamond-trading centre in Europe. Head to the Diamond Museum and learn the nuances of the diamond world, including how to measure cut, brilliance, clarity and weight. If you’re there at noon you’ll even get to see Boris the Ukrainian robot manufacture a synthetic diamond from graphite in less than 7 minutes.

If you like to take a morning run during your stay, try the picturesque 7-kilometre circle around the old centre. There’s so much to see and do on foot in Bruges, one of our faves is to take a walk along the canal and check out the medieval gates that used to control the traffic in and out of Bruges.

For more of our fave sights in Bruges, read on.

Market Square

It's the heart of medieval Bruges and chances are; you'll visit here at least once on your trip. Don't miss the towering Belfort and make sure you set aside time to hang out and people watch and sample frites in the plaza.

Bruges by Boat

This town isn't known as 'Venice of the North' for no good reason - criss cross the canal network with a leisurely boat ride and meander your way under 80 bridges on your scenic and ever-so picturesque route.

Basilica of the Holy Blood

For Gothic overtones in a medieval city, head to the Basilica of the Holy Blood, a Catholic church said to contain an acclaimed relic of holy blood from Christ himself. The phial of blood is suitably housed in must-see splendour.

Brewery De Halve Maan

The only still-active family brewery in Bruges deserves a visit, or two. Take the tour through the modern brewery and historic museum to learn about the Belgian beer process and throw back a few in the charming pub.

Groeninge Museum

The City Museum of Fine Arts is a great place to get acquainted with the locals, the masters of Flemish Art, that is. Take a trip back through the Renaissance, Baroque, Neo-Classical and Realist periods to see the Belgium sights as realised by the greats.