Bruges Transport Guide

Transport in Bruges is simple. With no trains or trams, you don’t need to worry about coordinating timetables. In fact, once you get to Bruges you can take it from here on foot or, if need be, the occasional bus, taxi or bike ride.

How to get around Bruges

Bruges is very walkable on foot - the historic centre is compact and relatively easy to navigate. The only mode of public transport inside the city is a small bus network. Taxis can be hailed in the marketplace or at the station, but you won’t have very far to go around town. Bicycles are easy to rent and make getting around the city very speedy, although the cobblestone paths can make the rides a little bumpy at times. Bruges citizens love cycling so much that up to 60 percent of all incoming traffic to the city centre is on bike. Alternatively, take a horse-drawn cart ride from the Market Square and enjoy a romantic 30-minute joyride around the old city.