Bucharest Transport Guide

Bucharest has an inexpensive, extensive and efficient public transport network covering the city centre and beyond with metro, bus, tram and trolleybus services as well as metered taxis.

How to get around Bucharest

The best way to get from A to B in Bucharest is by metro, especially if you are travelling to the city centre. The metro is a safe, fast, cheap and convenient way to traverse the city and avoid any traffic jams and overcrowding on the buses. Another option for getting to destinations outside the city centre is an express bus, which also has a route to the airport. For all other travel, tickets are interchangeable on the vast bus (including night buses), trolleybus and tram network, which has stops covering the entire city and even goes to some suburban villages. Buses and trams can get packed during rush hour so try to avoid travelling at this time. Bucharest taxis are plentiful and cheap, but are notorious for scamming tourists and locals alike. Avoid jumping into an independent cab and stick to the official companies to avoid being ripped off. Legit taxis will display the tariff and their contact details on the outside of the car so check before you hop in!