Bucharest Weather Guide

Bucharest experiences 4 distinct seasons with hot, dry summers and cold, windy winters. The best time to visit is from April to June and from September to October when the weather is mild and pleasant. Ski season in the nearby Carpathian Mountains is from December to mid-April.

Season and Clothing

Summer: June to August

Bucharest’s summers are hot and relatively dry with the occasional heavy thunderstorm. The hottest month is July when the mercury has been known to soar up to 40 degrees Celsius and daily temps are in the mid-30s. There’s little respite in the concrete city centre so locals head to the mountains, outer parks or bars to cool off. Summer festivals to check out include GayFest in June and the hugely popular 3-day B’ESTFEST Summer Camp international music festival in July.

Average temperatures: 14 – 29 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: T-shirts, shorts, dresses, sandals and lightweight pants.
Don’t forget: Sunnies and sunscreen.

Autumn: September to November

Autumn in Bucharest is mostly dry and cool with mild rain periods. Daytime temps in September and October are still in the mid-20s making this a great time to see the leaves change and admire the colours of the countryside. It’s also an ideal opportunity to follow Vlad the Impaler’s footsteps through the historic areas of the city for a Dracula-inspired itinerary. The temperature drops off dramatically in November and this month is also when you’ll see the first snowfall in Bucharest.

Average temperatures: 2 – 25 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: Long-sleeve tops, jumpers, shirts, jeans, dresses, shorts and t-shirts.
Don’t forget: An umbrella, sunnies and good walking shoes.

Winter: December to February

Bucharest’s winter is characterised by freezing conditions with heavy snow and wind from the Romanian Plain. January is the coldest month but the mercury rarely goes below -12 degrees Celsius. After December, there aren’t many events on in the city so the winter months are a good time to enjoy the indoor heating while perusing the museums or head to the big ski resort of Sinaia near the Bucegi Mountains (2 hours by train) for downhill skiing and to see the stunning Peleş Castle.

Average temperatures: -6 – 4 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: A coat, jeans, jumpers, long-sleeve tops, wool socks and waterproof boots.
Don’t forget: Scarves, gloves and a beanie.

Spring: March to May

Heading out of winter, mornings and nights are still cool with crisp, warm and sunny days during Bucharest’s springtime. Mild rain periods are common with snowfall up to April. With temps in the mid-20s by May, this month is a great time to wander the gardens to admire the blooms and sample the local produce. April sees the Easter Fair and Rokolectiv electronica and arts event hit town as well as 2 international film festivals and the month-long Caffe Festival of jazz, blues and pop in May.

Average temperatures: 0 – 23 degrees Celsius.
Appropriate clothing: A jacket, jeans, long-sleeve tops, jumpers, t-shirts and scarves.
Don’t forget: An umbrella and sunnies.