Buenos Aires’ tango hotspot

If you’re after cafes, tango parlours and antiques along cobblestone paths, look no further than Buenos Aires’ oldest barrio, San Telmo. The distinctive well-preserved area is characterised by its colonial buildings, which are now filled with many art galleries and museums making it the perfect area for the city’s artistic types to gather. Here, you’ll find talented musicians busking on the street and tango dancers performing outside restaurants adding a certain pizzazz to the neighbourhood.

Located between downtown (or El Centro for the Porteños) and La Boca, San Telmo can be reached via Independencia metro station on the E and C lines. Follow Avenida Independencia for 6 blocks and then swing right for another 4 to get to Plaza Dorrego – San Telmo’s hub. Or if you’re coming from Plaza de Mayo (Buenos Aires’ main square), it’s a delightful 12-block stroll.

Sunday is a great day to visit and really get a feel for the San Telmo spirit. The Sunday markets in Plaza Dorrego stretch for almost 10 blocks and is filled with flea market treasures and collectables like antiques, clothes, paintings and crafts. After the markets pack up, it’s tango time: dance the night away in the beating heart of Buenos Aires’ tango hotspot.

You’re going to need to refuel in-between all that shopping and tangoing – we suggest you nosh on protein and iron with a famous Argentinean asado assortment. Asado is an Argentinean-style barbecue, and a very meat-friendly affair, with the classic assortment consisting of beef, pork, ribs, sausages, and chicken and other interesting meat products including chitterlings, which - we’ll fill you in on now - are the small intestines of a pig. If you want to stay on the safe side, order a steak - Argentina’s steaks are world famous and they take their beef very seriously.


San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America

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