Cambodia Transport Guide

Cambodia's public transport is basic and a little lacklustre at times. But after spending a few days in the country, the system appears to work to an adequate standard providing visitors don't rely on public transport services to meet any tight deadlines. The modes of transport in the country have a dated charm about them, but with constant infrastructural development, it won't be long until Cambodia is like many other high-flying Asian nations.

How to get around Cambodia

In the major Cambodian cities, buses, taxis and trains are readily available. Tuk-tuks are a great way to scoot around the inner city areas costing very little and with the added convenience of not having to abide by a timetable. To travel longer distances, trains run from large city stations with services throughout the country. Air-conditioned coaches are another common choice for tourists travelling long distances. A handy tip would be to have a jumper to hand as the air-con is usually turned up (or rather down) to fridge-like temperatures. Also, rural areas have many dirt roads and don’t hold the creature comforts many visitors are accustom to. Air travel is the quickest way to get from A to B in Cambodia, however airfares will cost a considerable amount more than ground travel options so only fly if you're short on time.