Cambodia Weather Guide

The ideal time to visit Cambodia is between December and early February as humidity levels are low, the rain has subsided and a cool wind allows the temperature to dip slightly from its year round high. Visiting Cambodia in other times of the year is great too, if a daily dowsing of precipitation doesn't bother you. Temperatures climb and peak in the month of April seeing 40+ degrees Celsius until May when the southwest monsoon brings rain and high humidity. The wet season lingers over Cambodia until October when only short, sharp showers are present. Visiting rural areas may be difficult in the wet season as roads and paths flood regularly.

Season and Clothing

Cool and Dry Season: November to April

The ideal time to travel to Cambodia is between the months of December and January. Humidity is low and the thick, oppressive atmosphere is transformed into free-flowing fresh air. Temperatures feel a lot cooler in this season even though the thermometer doesn't appear to shift by more than a few degrees. Temperatures increase throughout this season peaking in April and then towards the end of this month rain begins to settle in. Short day trips starting early in the morning are more pleasant at the end of this season as midday temperatures can be stifling.

Humid and Wet Season: April to October

Many travellers will feel that this season is intense when you're out of air-conditioned buildings. Carrying water at all times while on the move will help combat this. Humidity is high during this season and despite being known as the wet season, rain falls heavily but disappears just as quickly. Travellers who are not fazed by the odd downpour and manage to avoid them will still have a great trip to Cambodia. During the months of September and October, rain comes thick and fast often flooding streets and overwhelming the weak infrastructure. By the end of October, the precipitation ceases and the humidity lifts rapidly off the area. Don't miss the Water Festival in October, which celebrates the change of seasons.