Introduction to Canada

With a picture-perfect panorama of sublime and undisturbed landscapes, Canada is practically the birthplace of Kodak moments. After all, this is the homeland of the world-famous Niagara Falls, the Canadian Rockies, and some of the best ski fields in the world. It's the second largest country on Earth too, spanning 6 time zones and the world's longest shoreline spread across 3 of the world's 5 oceans. With such an expansive size, it's little wonder there's so much to do within its borders. From soaring peaks, powdery snow, rushing rapids and lakes plus slippery slopes, it's practically the Holy Grail for adrenalin junkies. A land where adventure, and a cold beer, are never too far away.

Everything about Canada is larger than life and geared for the extremes. Jagged rock mountains scrape the skies peaking at unimaginable heights, rivers rush, and snow falls in abundance, however Canadians take this all in their stride. Jaw-dropping scenery that seems to last forever is commonplace here, and knowing what to do when confronted with a big bear in the wild is simply second nature.

You could spend a lifetime trekking this vast country and that would still not be enough time to see it all. Be the only person on Earth (or at least within a few square kilometres) while enjoying the stillness of Banff National Park in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Enjoy a cold beer in a warm ski lodge high in the Blackcomb Whistler Mountains. Or get your bright lights, big city fix in Canada's young, vibrant cities, pulsing with energy, style and good times.

In addition to its natural wonders, Canada is also home to a vibrant and diverse population, which prides itself on being friendly and accepting to all. Such friendly hospitality can easily be experienced in the country’s small towns and major cities including French-speaking Quebec City, cosmopolitan Montreal, edgy Toronto and vibrant Vancouver, famously listed as one of the top 5 best cities to live in worldwide. Won't you come and experience Canada for yourself?

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