Canada Transport Guide

From subways and buses in the cities to husky pulled sleds and snow chains on cars to traverse the wintry terrain, Canada’s diverse geographical features and extreme winter weather strongly influences the way that people travel around this vast country.

How to get around Canada

Travelling long distances within this massive country is easy if you book a relatively cheap internal flight within Canada. Another tranport option is the many coach services available between most major cities. Coach tours offer the experience of a road trip without the stress, although don’t forget to book in advance to ensure a seat for the dates that you wish to travel. Alternatively, you can also sit back and see the Canadian Rockies by train or bus with many services available. For the born adventurer, pick up a well-equipped camper, pack your supplies, research a route and hit the road for a great Canadian road trip. Another option is to hire a car to see the countryside and have the flexibility to travel between towns and cities at your leisure. If you're visiting provinces like Saskatchewan and Manitoba in winter, make sure your hire car is equipped with winter tyres for the icy conditions. A novelty way to journey across the snow-covered mountains and praries in style is by dog sled. Even if it’s simply getting from A to B, dog sled tours offer many types of journeys from the romantic to the thrill-seeking ride. Within the cities, you'll find a range of public tranport options including metro, train, bus, ferries and taxis as well as bicycle hire.