China Transport Guide

Traversing China means varied options for getting around from subway trains, motorcycle and car taxis, trams, rickshaws and buses in the cities to long-distance trains, coaches and domestic flights to cover vast regional areas.

How to get around China

China is a massive country, so it’s worth booking domestic flights to avoid a couple of days on the train or travelling by road. Prices for domestic routes are set at standard rates but you can obtain discounts on busy routes, and it’s cheaper to purchase flights within China. Train is the most common mode of transport in China and covers an extensive network of routes serviced by G-series high-speed express trains through to General slow trains with many stops, or consider a sleeper bus equipped with bunks for long distances. The most popular method for getting from A to B in the cities is by bicycle, which is also a cheap and convenient option for the backpacker not keen on being squished in a public bus while stuck in traffic. Taxis are also common and reasonably priced.