Copenhagen Transport Guide

Copenhagen has an extensive and highly efficient public transport system with bus, metro and rail networks as well as metered taxi services. The Danish capital is also well-known as a bicycle-friendly city with an estimated 9 in 10 Danish adults owning a bike and 55 percent of locals cycle every day – in heels, snow and even customised cargo bikes!

How to get around Copenhagen

With a flat and compact city centre, Copenhagen is easy to explore on foot, but for the cheapest, fastest and most flexible to get from A to B, make like a local and hop on a bike. Most streets have dedicated bicycle lanes and you can also take your bike on the train and metro. Grab a cycling map and opt for the new city GoBike transport system or hire a bike from one of many local companies. The metro is another quick and simple way to get around the city with frequent services that run 24/7. For travelling further, go for the interconnected bus and rail network, which includes harbour or water buses and night buses as well as S-trains to the suburbs and cities outside Copenhagen.