Copenhagen Weather Guide

Copenhagen has a variable climate with 4 distinct seasons and rain throughout the year. The best time to visit the Danish capital is during late spring and summer from  May to August  with its  so-called ‘white nights’ of long days (up to 18 hours of daylight in mid-June) and short nights.

Season and Clothing

Summer: June to August

With long days and warm temps where temps of up to 30 degrees Celsius can occur, summer is the ideal time to visit Copenhagen and take advantage of the extended daylight to enjoy a 24/7 holiday. Summer is also festival season in the city – rocking out at Northern Europe’s largest outdoor music fest, Roskilde, in July is a must. Also, take advantage of the sunshine to check out the local beaches and harbour baths or soak up the rays in the many gardens, parks and alfresco cafes.

Average temperatures: 11 – 21 degrees Celsius.

Appropriate clothing: T-shirts, shorts, dresses, jeans and a lightweight jacket.

Don’t forget: Sunnies and an umbrella.

Autumn: September to November

By October, the temps have dropped, the days have become shorter and locals embrace the Danish concept of hygge or cosiness with nights in cooking for family and friends. Autumn in Copenhagen is a great time to see the leaves change outdoors and explore the city on a bike. If it’s raining, head indoors to see a gallery exhibition, wander around the museums or sample some of the fusion foodie fare of Copenhagen’s renowned gourmet dining scene.

Average temperatures: 3 – 17 degrees Celsius.

Appropriate clothing: Clothes for layering – jeans, jumpers, shirt, opaques and jackets.

Don’t forget: A scarf and walking shoes.

Winter: December to March

Copenhagen’s winter is characterised by freezing conditions and sub-zero temps where the mercury has been known to drop to -18 degrees Celsius.  This means snow and lots of it as well as ice rinks and warming up with hot chocolate in the city cafes. Christmas brings a festival atmosphere to the dark days with traditional Christmas Markets, decorated trees and fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Wondercool, Copenhagen’s month-long winter cultural festival takes over the town in February.

Average temperatures: -2 – 5 degrees Celsius.

Appropriate clothing: Jeans, thermals, jumpers, fleecy gloves and scarves.

Don’t forget: Waterproof boots and a warm coat.

Spring: April to May

With an unpredictable start and short season, springtime in Copenhagen is still a welcome occasion when the locals emerge from hibernation and enjoy the warmer temps and greenery of the outdoors. This is a good time to visit the flea markets and heralds the start of the summer events on around the city. The Tivoli Festival of classical music and Copenhagen International Sand Sculpture Festival both begin in May, as well as free music on Sundays at Cafe Nemoland in Christiania.

Average temperatures: 3 – 15 degrees Celsius.

Appropriate clothing: Clothes for layering: jeans, t-shirts, jumpers, jackets and boots.

Don’t forget: An umbrella.