Croatia Transport Guide

The most awesome way to get around Croatia is by sailboat or travel around the countryside by train, bus or by air. Hire cars are a great option too. Also, if you don’t have your own yacht or sailboat, you can hitch a ride to the islands via a ferry.

How to get around Croatia

Buses are most efficient way to travel around Croatia with cheap, comfortable, reliable and regular services and heaps of connections to even the smaller villages. There’s also express buses that’ll save you even more travel time. Croatia’s train network is a little more limited. You won’t find trains on the coast, so you’ll need to take a bus, car or, of course, a sailboat. Zagreb is the main rail hub with connections to the coastal destinations of Rijeka and Split. While public transport is a great option, the epic Croatian scenery makes for a memorable drive, so why not hire a car? If you’re looking for a seriously picturesque journey, take the route from Rijeka to Dubrovnik. If you want to reach the many islands, there are heaps of boats and ferries that connect the ports to most of the islands, including some of the uninhabited ones. To get from A to B in Zagreb, you can take a tram, bus, train or taxi.