Dubai Transport Guide

Out of all the emirates, Dubai has the best public transport with bus, train, taxi and abra or water taxi services. The city is really geared for car travel so most Dubai residents tend to drive or have private drivers and traffic can get pretty congested at peak times.

How to get around Dubai

While still in its infancy stages compared to other international cities, Dubai's public transport is clean and inexpensive. Dubai Metro rail has 2 lines: Red with 29 stations, which zips along the coast and Green with 20 stations, which travels around the city centre. There are 3 classes of travel: Gold, Silver and Women's Class for females and children. A stored credit Nol card allows use of bus, abra and metro services or you can purchase a single ticket or day pass. Abras are a cheap and scenic way to cross Dubai Creek from Bur Dubai to Deira, while the bus is best for central Dubai. Metered taxis are clean, air-conditioned and relatively cheap and the most popular way for visitors to get around Dubai.